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February 25th 2005 

Hi everyone.  Sorry that I havenít wrote in a while.  I had so much fun this year.  We are in Mexico right now.  We are sailing to de Los Muertos (cove of the dead).

We were at an anchorage for a couple of days and we went to a beach.  We went snorkeling and I got something stuck in my foot.  Right before I went to bed I got my dad to look at it and he got it out.  It hurt a lot because he was sticking a sewing needle in my foot.  The next day I got a pixie stick.

We went to Disneyland in San Diego and Universal Studios today and we went on a tour where people film movies.  In Disneyland I got Mickey Mouseís autograph!!!  It was so exciting  I even got Minney Mouseís autograph and a whole bunch of others too.

From: Jacqueline


April 2, 2005

Hello itís me and I have a lot to tell you!

We are in Puerto Vallarta!  We swam with the dolphins and it pooped in the water and I was in it !! We were in a little area and the dolphin jumped in the air.  It was so cool.  I was scared at first but then I wasnít so scared.  My family went swimming too.  We are getting ready for the Pacific Ocean and it is really stressing!  I am still having FUN!! But I wish it was easier but we are leaving soon!.  On April 1st us girls went on a girls day out!  It was so much fun!  We got our nails done and went shopping it was so much fun!!  The guyís went diving.  They said it was so much fun.

See you soon everybody

August 02 2005

Hello there

On the passage to the Marquises it took us three weeks 21 days!! non stop ! night after night after night and our motor broke along the was and our boom broke too but we could live with out our piece on the boom we improvised but we got it fixed now . It felt like it was 30 days instead. One night we got in big squall (mini storm) it lasted 4 hours it felt like a storm to me. After we were going 1 knot to 0.0 knots and it was a long night and we couldn't turn on our motor because it was broken and luckily dad saved the night because he fixed the motor and we were on our way! Then finally we were there and when I woke up I saw land, it was so beautiful, I just loved it, it was so fantastic. Now we wont have to do any more three week passage and I am so glad. 

We are in Papeete Tahiti.  It is fun here.  We are on the key ( the quay). I can go off  the boat any time and since we are at a dock I can do any thing I want.  There is a park here too so that's nice too.  There are lots of my  friends I have met so I can go and play with them.  I really like it here.

At the Marquises I had lots of fun too.  We went swimming with the sharks. I got scared at first but then I decided to come in because I will probably never swim with sharks again.  I went back in.  I was so scared but it was so cool at the same time.  My brother got his hand caught in the gypsy ( part of the anchor)!!  It was so scary.  He had to wear a bandage  for 10 days.  He missed so much.  He missed great swimming and snorkeling.  Now he has scars on his hand but he's lucky he didn't break any of his fingers too.

In the Tuamotus it was so cool .  We did lots of stuff like feeding the fish.  Keegan even put the squeeze cheese in his belly button - it was funny and silly too.  I got freaked because there were so many fish - like hundreds of fish.  Even my mom went swimming to .  Jessica fed the fish but big fish jumped up and scared Jessica so much.  It was so funny.  I learned to dive but I'm not that good.  My brother got certified in scuba diving.  I'm so happy for Keegan.

In Tahiti it is nice and pretty and very exotic.  It is hot!  The swimming is great.  The water is very warm.  We have been to many places.  We are off to Bora Bora. I am so happy on this trip.  My mom, dad, brother and sister  got a tattoo but not me.  I love it here.  Its hot during the day, but cool at night.   I just can't get enough of Tahiti.  It is just so beautiful here .  




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