Keegan's Journal 


Feb 5/05 - La Paz, Mexico

We’re in La Paz..  I just met a kid yippee!  His name is Hunter.  We played all day and tomorrow we are going to go fishing. This is the first time that we have found any kids to play with.  I can’t wait until we meet more kids.

We just met another family on a boat named Sun Break.  They have 3 kids.  Their names are Will, Sam and Isabel.

We went to Mardi Gras.  This is a Mexican festival that goes all week long.  They have parades and rides.  It is something like Stampede except much smaller.  At Mardi Gras I rode a mechanical bull and went on a couple of rides.  Mom wouldn’t let me go on anymore because they don’t have very good safety laws here.  Carnival food here is not anywhere near as good as at Stampede.  I couldn’t find corn dogs or those little donuts anywhere!

One night we watched the parade and I held a 3-meter long python snake around my neck.  This was very cool!

February 22nd, 2005 - Ensenada Grande, Mexico

We have left La Paz and are now in a place called Ensenada Grande where we are anchoring. . The water was really warm for snorkeling.  A jellyfish stung me and it hurt.  We went out on a little sail to go swimming with the sea loins.  It was so fun.  The babies were playful and one bit my flipper.

We met up with Hunter and his family.  We went fishing and caught NOTHING.  Hunter was trying to catch their dinner.

Feb 28/05 - Los Frailes, Mexico

We are in Los Frailes.  On the sail here we caught 3 fish.  There were 2 Black skippjacks (Mexican little tunny) and a mahi mahi (dolphin fish).  We let the mahi mahi go because were going to eat the Black skippjack.  The black skipjack tasted like turkey. 

We went snorkeling one day which was a lot of fun.

March 5/05 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We have just arrived in Puerto Vallarta.   During our night sails little squid jumped on our deck.  By morning they were dead and smelled really bad.  I also saw a big sea turtle.  When we got to the dock we cleaned up a little then went for lunch.  We went for a walk.  all the way to Wal-Mart which is about 3 miles one way.  They had play station games yippee!

March 7/05 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is our first day of home schooling in Puerto Vallarta. After we were done we went to the Internet Café.  It felt good to go on the Internet.  After that we went for ice cream.  We went to visit a boat named Selah.  They have a nice boat.  We were invited to play cards with them tomorrow night.

March 8/05 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We played cards with Bob and Marlene from Selah.   The game was called Oh Shoot.  It was so fun.  Bob won the game.  I think he cheated!  Just kidding Bob!

April 5/05 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 Thursday we are leaving Puerto Vallarta.  I’m itching to leave this place.  Friday April the 1st my dad and me went scuba diving at a place called Los Arcos.  We saw the King Angelfish and the Spotted Snake eel, Moray eel and lots of other fish.  It was so fun.  The diver instructor thought I could not do it but I showed them.  Bob and Marlene celebrated them getting a slip and us leaving for the Pacific on Saturday.

April 12, 2005 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 Never mind we are leaving for the Marquises about Saturday.  Yesterday was Jacqueline’s birthday.  She turned 10.  I finely got my game.  It’s so cool.  Jacqueline also got a game.  It is called The Urbz Sims in the City.  I got a cool knife. I like it.  We were going to the Cocas Island then the Galapagos but now we are going straight to the Marquises.

August 3,2005

The crossing was horrible 21 DAYS non-stop holy cow that's long .   Ok it wasn't that bad but it was so boring  but what made it exiting was that something went wrong with the engine.  After a day or so we figured out what was wrong (some bolt got loose but don't ask me) .  We caught 2 fish, 1 was a small sail fish, and the other one was a huge Blue Marlin it must of been 200 Pounds!!!!  We always caught the fish at supper. It must of been supper for the fish to.  A few days later there was a big squall Jessica and Jacqueline slept through it when me, mom and dad were up in the cockpit  getting wet.  

Marquises and the Tuamotus

I did not like the Marquises because I got my hand caught in the anchor gypsy, it was not fun!  My mom and dad got the lady from Amani to help us get to the hospital.  We hitchhiked a ride there.  The truck had a seat to sit on which really help when you feel like your going to pass out.  When we got to the hospital the guy put my hand in disinfectant stuff  that didn't hurt.  The doctor checked if any tendons were hurt.  After he froze it with a needle. That hurt.  Of course I could not feel a thing so he stitched me up and told us I had to wear the bandage for 10 days.  

When we were in Rangiroa we went snorkeling here, feed the fish which feed the sharks.  The sharks aren't that scary after you see them swoop up underneath you and eat some fish.  I got certified in scuba diving here, they taught me the basic stuff.  The instructors are so so nice!  The guy from Mico Verde was with me.  I got certified before him because I am better, just kidding Warren.  When I did my first ocean dive I saw a silver tip shark (those are pretty big).

We are in Tahiti it is so nice here.  When we went in to town we were going to stop and say hi to a boat named Fruity Fruits.  So we stop by and up from below Aki (a tattoo artist from Nuka Hiva ) says hi.  My mom told him we wanted tattoos in Bora Bora .  He said "there is no one good there any more".  He said "I'll do you now".  Of course he had his tattoo stuff around.  So that day we all got tattoos.  It hurt a little (it wouldn't hurt as much if I were home in Canada).  The tattoo tools here are very barbaric and authentic.  My aunts came to visit.  They brought brown sugar which is almost like seeing an elephant walk the streets of Canada!  Just the other day I was sitting on a dock and I moved over and got a huge splinter in my leg.  My dad got it out by cutting off my skin with a swiss army knife (the scissors).   It was about 2cm long. OWWW!!!  The French Polynesia has not been kind to me.



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