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January 27, 2005

When we were in Cabo San Lucas we got in about 9:30 in the morning and we had to check in.  My dad wanted someone to come with him so I went with him cause I know so much Spanish (as if!!)  I was wearing a black mini skirt.  It was the kind that is flippy, and I was wearing my halter bikini top and a pink belly top.  While we were walking on the sidewalk I was holding on to my dads arm, (and I always do that.)  People who offer you jewelry and stuff were also saying things like, “hey, you wanna get high?”  “You wanna buy some weed?”  They thought that I was dad’s girlfriend or something!!!  Eww. And the grossest thing is that they weren’t even giving him dirty looks, they were smiling!!! Gross. 


February 27,2005 – Ensenada de los Muertos 

Hi, this is the second time we are here, and we met some people with a kid. Her name is Celine and she is from the boat “Amani”.  We went swimming with her today and it was fun.  We saw lots of fish, and we saw this puff fish and it was yellow, and it’s tail looked like it was rotting. 


February 3,2005 – La Paz – Mexico

When we were in La Paz we met some kids from “Terrapin”.  Its so funny cause my mom always calls their boat tupperware or tupperman or tipperman for some reason.  I haven’t really found anybody my own age but soon I will, I hope.  In La Paz we met up with some really nice people from Turtle Bay.  They are Walt and Gail from the big 65 foot ketch (for those of you who aren’t familiar with the sailing lingo a ketch is a boat with two masts) called Windketcher.  They are very nice people. 

We went to the islands by La Paz, and we went to Ensenada Grande.  There were beautiful beaches, I highly recommend it!! We went swimming off the boat and I was really scared, so I jumped on to the dinghy then on to the boogie board then into the water.  Then I joined my dad and brother who were already swimming towards shore.  I swam really fast to them.  A jellyfish stung me, and it hurt a lot, so I went back to our boat while my dad and brother kept on swimming.  I swam really fast to our boat because I was scared of swimming by myself because I can’t see my feet.  When I was almost there I was so tired, mom and Jacqueline was like “you can do it.” “you’re almost there.” “c’mon, almost.”  The next day we went for a day sail to this island where you can swim with the sea lions.  They smelled really bad.  The really big sea lions were scary; they are about 8 feet long.  We played with the baby sea lions.  One of them came up and bit me on the butt!!!   I turned around to give my dad heck for pinching me, but he wasn’t there.  He was like 100 feet away.  It didn’t hurt, but it was like a pinch. 


February 28, 2005-Los Frailes – Mexico

We met some people here, they are really nice.  They are Summer Rain, Spirit, Mixed Company, Amadeus, Adios, and Gallavant.  We went to go to a bar, but it was a really big hike.  So, when we get there we find out that it is closed, plus it’s really hot out!!  We walk back but we stop at a resort for lunch, and it was good.  After that we went back to our boat and got some food ready because they were all coming over for a party.  When they came it was so fun.  They are really nice.  We had to leave a couple days later for Puerto Vallarta.  I hope I will see all of them along the way somewhere. 


March 5,2005 – Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

We finally made it here, it was only a 2-day night sail.  I’m really tired.  Along the way here we met some people, well we didn’t really meet them.  We talked to them on the radio.  They are really nice.  Their boat name is “Selah”.  We went for a walk around then we started in the direction of a Wal-Mart, so we begged our mom and dad to go there.  We walked like 3 miles to the Wal-Mart and we were so tired when we got there.  This was the first Wal-Mart since San Diego.  We took a cab home because it was getting dark out. 


March 7, 2005 – Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

This is our first day of home schooling here.  We do 4 hours a day, except for me I do five hours.  I have to do extra because I have 6 subjects, I took 2 extra.  After school we went to an internet café.  I love Internet café’s, they’re so fun.  Plus I get to talk to my friends on msn.  After that we got some ice cream, it was so good.  They even had rainbow sorbet, my favourite.  We went to see Selah and we got invited to play cards the next day.  They have a nice boat.  


March 8, 2005 - Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

We played oh shoot with Bob and Marlene (Selah) and it was so fun, I lost but it was still fun (actually I let them win so that I could come back!!)  (Just joking.)  Plus they had really good cookies out. 


April 1,2005 - Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

My mom. Jacqueline and me are going for a girl’s day out.  We are going to get manicures and pedicures.  I got a manicure, but mom and Jacqueline got pedicures.  I got neon orange nail polish, it looks really cool.  After our manicures I got a new bathing suit.  It’s a tube top kind; it is orange with pineapples on it.  We went out for lunch and Jacqueline got chocolate cake for dessert.  I got a smoothie thing at a café, it’s banana, orange and mango.  It is so good, it tastes like a banana shake.  When we got back to the boat I tried on my new bathing suit for my dad , except I said it was my moms and that I was just wearing it.  He said it was really nice then I said “april fools, it’s mine!!!”  His face just went blank, it was so funny.  The next day we went to Nikki Beach and I wore it.  There were lots of jelly fish in the water so I just suntanned the whole day.  My dad didn’t like it at all. 


April 5,2005 - Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

We are leaving Puerto Vallarta on Thursday.  Bob and Marlene are threw us a goodbye party.  It was fun.  We had pasta for supper. 


April 11 - Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Today is Jacqueline’s birthday.  We threw her a party with balloons and a “happy birthday” sign.  We got her lots of presents. 


April 16 - leaving for the marquises

Today we leave for the marquises after a horrible 2 nights in La Cruz.  It was so rocky in La Cruz that we had to get out our flopper stoppers for the first time. The beginning of the passage was rough, not rough enough to make us sick, but rough enough that we couldn't go down below.  We eventually got used to the side -to - side motion (we were beam sailing), but nobody felt perfect.  We talked to Don on the radio and he told us that we should change our course, so we did.  We had like a few hours of downwind sailing but then the wind shifted to our beam again!!!  so we had beam sailing  the rest of the way.  My dad says that we went through the doldrums during the night, but I did night shifts with my mom and I did not find any doldrums.  I was so ready for a place where I could relax, maybe get a movie in but we didn't get there.  Along the way we had a few things break.  We had the generator break down then a piece on our boom twice, and our motor broke.  This is definitely what you call the R Factor.  When we crossed the equator we all had a sip of rum (eww, it tastes horrible) and had the last of our cheese sticks.  When we got into Hiva Oa it was kool.  We anchored inside the break wall and that was interesting.  We were here five days and Keegan decides to get his hand caught in the anchor.  We were moving the anchor because we had two boats crash into us, so we decided to move our anchor.  I was in the dinghy making sure that we didn't drift into any boats and then all I see is Jacqueline crying and shaking saying Keegan got his hand cut off and then mom running to the bow where Keegan was so I went to the back of the boat because we were done with the anchor and Jacqueline came to meet me and she's crying freaking me out even more.  When I got to Keegan he was white as a ghost.  My mom went to get some stuff ready to take him to  the hospital, I looked at his cuts and they were really deep, and gross.  We also had a lady who spoke french off another boat called "AMANI" to translate for us.  They  left at 10:00 AM and got back at 1:30 pm.  When they finally got back we see Keegan waved with his hand  that got hurt and it was all casted up.  He couldn't swim for 10 days. When we went to check out there were some other teenage kids there from Paraganata, they're a boat with two teenage girls, Katrina,14, and Alexandria, 15, and Dr.John ,  a boat with a teenage girl named Maddy, she's 14.  they're really cool and fun.  


When we got to the Tuamotu's I went up the mast to the first spreader to look for coral heads and that was really fun. We didn't hit any coral heads or reefs, thanks to my expertise.  We first went to Ahe.  We were there five minutes and some locals came up in a boat and sold us some pearls.  We got some really nice ones.  When we went to  leave it took an hour to pull  up our anchor because we were wrapped around lots of coral heads, but we finally got it up after my dad free dived 40 feet.  Next we went to Rangiroa  and got some more pearls at the pearl farms.  I got some really nice green ones that I got made into dangly hoop earring that are really pretty.  Then we left for Tahiti.  


We got in on the fourth of July and I was asleep when we anchored but everybody was on the radio calling us.  Paraganata called us asking me if I wanted to do something later.  Then Fruity Fruits called us, they're a boat with two kids too,  Stephanie and Jason are both 15, they were calling me to see if I wanted to get together.  After we got all settled and cleaned up Katrina, Alex, and Maddy came over to pick me up to go into town and they brought along another teenager named Ben.  I saw his boat in Rangiroa but we didn't meet.  Anyways  he's 17 and he's cool too.  I hung out with them like every day.  We went wake boarding (to my surprise I actually got up and stayed up with out falling).  Then on July 6 we went into town (our family) and went to see Fruity Fruits and introduce our selves first before we went to the market.  So they invited us on and we got on to the topic of tattoos.  So they are good friends with Aki the tattoo artist in Nuku Hiva and he was staying with them and he said to my mom that their were no good tattoo artists in Bora Bora (that's where my mom wanted to get her tattoo).  Me and Keegan just found out the night before that we  were allowed to get a tattoo.  My mom said we had till Bora Bora to decide if we wanted one.  Well, I already wanted one , but I hadn't thought about what I wanted yet, or where.  My mom was all bummed that she missed her chance to get a tattoo, then Aki said that he'll do it here and now!!!!  My mom was so surprised but she went first to get her tattoo because she wasn't nervous cause she's already had like three tattoos, then my dad went, then I went.  I decided to get a turtle on my spine.  It hurt so much.  It felt like he took a knife and carved it out.  The funny thing was that whenever he stopped  it stopped hurting.  I was in a really weird pose too.  Once I got up my legs were asleep.  Then my brother went.  That night  we went to fire walkers,  at first we didn't get in because it was really expensive but we finally got in.  During the end they let people walk on the fire,  it just felt like a warm beach except a few spots in the middle.

Our generator stopped working so we moved to the quay.  While we were here I hung out with Stephanie, and Sierra off of Leprechaun.  When Sierra left I hung out with Stephanie and her brother Jason.

Today is August 3, and Fruity Fruits just left  so now I am the only teenager left.  That's ok because my aunt Liisa and aunt Jeri-lee are coming tomorrow.  As I am typing this they are on a plane to Tahiti,  they're coming to bring us mail.  Since we have so much they though it would be cheaper to just deliver it personally,  I can't wait till tomorrow.  I have to get up at 3:30 in the morning to pick them up. Ii just hope the le trucks run that early.  


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